Warmest February in Lithuania 2016

16 Feb 2016

Due to warmest February in Lithuania’s history (statistically it has coldest mean temp. of -4 degrees C), Open Baltic Ice-Blokart Championships is cancelled. There are no locations with sailable ice…

Let the wheels run and have a hope for longer ice season in 2017!


Lithuanian Ice-yacht Championships has closed ice season 2016?

09 Feb 2016


This weekend (6-7th Feb) Lithuanian Ice-yacht championships 2016 took place on Eletrėnai lake. Ice sailors are facing very warm winter this year. Latest forecasts don’t show any good news. February statistically is the coldest month in Baltics, though it’s not the case this year.

Lithuanian ice sailors used the first posibility to organize national championships on Elektrėnai lake, as one weekend before championship was cancelled on Rekyva lake due to unsafe ice.

Ice-blokarts were starting in separate group in a smaller than usual ice area. This decision was taken due to safety reasons. Overall 26 pilots were competing in Ice-Blokart division, 10 ultralightweights, 11 lightweights and 5 heavyweights.

Over 5 races were carried in each weight category.

TOP3 results

1. Vykintas Mizgiris (4 pts)
2. Rimvydas Mažūnavičius (6 pts)
3. Arijus Toleikis (12 pts)

1. Jovilė Gedmontaitė (6 pts)
2. Skomantas Stralkauskas (6 pts)
3. Gabrielė Petraitytė (10 pts)

1. Matas Mizgiris (6 pts)
2. Gediminas Petrauskas (9 pts)
3. Vilius Tamkvaitis (15 pts)


Detailed results can be found here: https://2015.regatos.lt/regatta/69

Great coctail of rain, sun and storm for OBBC2015

17 Nov 2015

OBBC2015 got a great coctail of rain, sun and storm. 25 participants raced in extreme conditions in 4 weight categories. The first day wind speed reached 40 knots in the gusts, second day everybody enjoyed sunshine and 20 knots westerly wind.


Full results: http://www.blokart.lt/2015/obbc2015-rezult.pdf

Great winds are forecasted for OBBC2015

05 Nov 2015


Strong winds are forecasted for OBBC2015. Join the Apparent wind party next weekend!

Open Baltic Blokart Champs 2015

06 Oct 2015


Welcome to Open Baltic Blokart Championships 2015! The biggest Blokart landsailing competition is going to take place 14th-15th November at Nida airport. Great atmosphere and fierce competition is waiting for you!

As a tradition, Neringa city anniversary events will take place the same weekend.

Come and bring a Cyclone. Register by clicking here.

Download NOR here.